Day School

Day School

CIEI is a day schoolfor all students, from 8 am to 4:45 pm. Within these hours we offer regular curriculum subjects and a wide variety of extracurricular activities, which are mixed with the regular classes throughout the day.

We believe in a pedagogical philosophy of all round development of a child, seeking the balance between head – heart – hand, that is, in a development not only academic, but also including the emotional / social and artistic formation of the students. To do so, we offer interesting educational activities, varying according to students’ age and interests


Extracurricular activities for Early Childhood and 1st grade:

Cooking, Library, Judo or Capoeira, Swimming, Football or Dancing, Psychomotricity, Music


Extracurricular activities from 2nd to 5th grade:

Handcrafting, Library, Judo or Capoeira, Swimming, Football or Dancing, Homework.
Obs. English, Arts, Music and Physical Education are considered curricular classes.


Extracurricular activities from 6th to 9th grade:

In Middle School, students participate twice a week in extracurricular activities during two classes in the afternoon, depending on the schedule of each grade. These enriching activities have a free-choice in character and aim at the overall development of students. At the beginning of each term, students choose from various activities offered, such as: Computer Science, Cooking, Sewing, Additional English, Drama, Recreational Activities, Basketball, Volleyball, Chess and History Olympiad.
During the week, students have the opportunity to do homework in Guided Studies time, according to the schedule established for each class.


High School

In High School all classes are curricular oriented. In the morning, students attend the regular High School, and in the afternoon, they have the great opportunity to take the IB Diploma Programme.
What is the IB Diploma? It is a “seal” of excellence, which guarantees them entry to universities around the world! It is a two-year course that prepares young people for academic life, for the labour market and for an international future. Teaching in IB Diploma is bilingual.