Centro Internacional de Educação Integrada – CIEI (International Center for Integrated Education) - has been an IB World School since 2002! There are currently more than 4800 schools in 152 countries that can be called IB World School ...

  • O Centro Internacional de Educação Integrada é uma IB World School desde 2002! Atualmente existem mais de 4800 escolas em 152 países que podem se chamar de IB World School...
    IB World School
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  • CIEI is a day school, from 8 am to 4:45 pm, including teaching and learning of regular curriculum and a wide variety of extracurricular activities ...
    Day School
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  • ENGLISH - GERMAN - SPANISH - Children start studying foreign languages with English from Kindergarten in a playful and fun way...
    English - German - Spanish
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  • CIEI enjoys a privileged environment. Surrounded by native trees and plants, the abundant green calls attention and attracts admirers of all ages.
    Our Environment
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  • What do students, teachers, and parents say about CIEI? Here are some testimonials about the school of their dreams.
    Talking about CIEI
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"What we learn at CIEI and through the IB Diploma programme makes all the difference! We learn to think, to write well, to argue and to see through various perspectives by studying in a bilingual way."

Ana Luisa Roberto (graduated at CIEI in 2014) and Carolina Vilela (graduated at CIEI in 2012). Both are studying International Business at NEOMA BUSINESS SCHOOL in Rouen, France.