English – German – Spanish


The teaching of foreign languages ​​starts with English in Early Childhood Education, in a playful and fun way. Students have their first contact with the new language through music, poetry, games and games.
In the first and second grades of Elementary School, students learn their first foreign language focusing on expanding the vocabulary and understanding sentences and contexts of everyday situations as a first step towards the development of socialization and communication in English.
From thethird grade on, English teachingis systematic and structured, including grammar, comprehension and interpretation of varied texts, as well as oral and written expression. With five lessons per week, we offer immersion and regularity in the foreign language, aiming for great progress and reaching the prerequisites for the first Cambridge exams.
In middle school, English gradually progresses and students achieve significant individual results and are prepared for the different levels of the Cambridge exams. By the end of elementary school we aim to succeed in the following certificates: KET, PET and FCE.
At the same time, we start teaching the second foreign language, German, in the 6th grade. German is a language with a lot of grammar and progress is usuallya bit slower. However, students are able to reach  highstandards and are prepared to take the first exams of the Goethe Institutby the end of middle school.
The language of instruction in Kindergarten and Primary School is Portuguese.
Bilingual education, subjects taught in English, are offered in High School in the IB Diploma subjects, with imported textbooks in English. At this level, students are able to express themselves easily,using oral and written skills, managing presentations and creating extensive academic assignments in English. In addition, we encourage our students to take the top Cambridge exams: Advanced (CAE) and Proficiency (CPE).
Learning Spanish language starts in High School. Students are prepared for the DELE exams, the official language diploma of Spain.

All foreign languages ​​are compulsory and taught within the regular CIEI curriculum. The students are prepared for the official exam of the corresponding languages, such as: “Cambridge Exam”, “Fit für Deutsch”, “DELE Spanish”

CIEI is officially certified by the University of Cambridge as “Cambridge Exam Preparation Center”.
Links to the exams:
www.cambridge-efl.org / www.goethe.de / www.diplomas.cervantes.es