Talking about CIEI

Talking about CIEI

For students, CIEI is like a second home. It is a place of learning, friendship, love, games, experiences, growth and maturity. Many parents report how happy their children are at CIEI, and how much they miss school during vacation time. And the former students, already graduated and at university, always return because they miss their beloved school so much.

A “typical” CIEI student is an educated and respectful citizen, a person with good character, values and principles. He/She is a happy person who knows how to make friends, who cares about others and the sustainability of the planet through responsible actions.

We want to share here some testimonials from people who are part of the CIEI Family:

“CIEI is an enchanted garden! It’s big and fun and I like the colors of the plants. I love CIEI!” Lívia, 9 years old
“CIEI is very good, it has very nice teachers, who offer us a great learning experience. Leisure is really cool and fun and the menu is healthy and tasty.” Mariana, 9 years old
“What I love about CIEI is the atmosphere of harmony and cordiality among teachers, students, staff, coordination and direction. This context and the pleasant physical space contribute positively in the teaching-learning process. It has been gratifying to be a part of this team for so many years.” Regina Fagundes – teacher
“CIEI is a school where children are friends.” Mateus, 6
 “I studied for 14 years at CIEI and my experience at this school was in fact something that I would not have found elsewhere, not only because of the teachers, the institution, the International Baccalaureate but also because of the friends I made for life. When I left school I was accepted into the universities I wanted, which surprised me a lot. I did not think I was ready to conquer everything I did, and today I know that a great deal of it is due to CIEI. Studying at an institution like UFRJ is certainly very different from everything I had ever experienced and today I recognize how valuable the life lessons learned in CIEI have been.
I have never had experience in large schools, my circle of friends has always been the same, and I used to see this as something negative. I thought about how good it would be to meet many people, to be part of larger, part-time schools. Today I see how valuable my growth was alongside those true friends that life has given me. It is not quantity, it is quality. I’m sure I made friends for life. I just have to thank you for everything.” 
YannaLitowski, former student
Testimonial for the Portuguese teacher:

“Mrs. Regina!
Today I had art and anthropology 1 classes and it was inevitable that I would be reminded of you for three reasons:

1- The teacher spoke about Kafka and Graciliano Ramos for the whole class, and I was the only one who knew what she meant by “auto”, “catachresis”, “synecdoche”, “prolapse”, “parallelism”, “interior monologue “(yes!)” diachrony “,” epic “and all those other terms that you taught us to use in the IB analyses.

2- Speaking of Kafka, she went deep into the psychological analysis of the characters, and I almost erupted with joy because all those analysis of Gregor were worthit !!!!It helped me a lot in my interpretation and made me see the characters (and also the narrative) in a way that I now realize that most people can not see.

3- At the end of the class she asked for a text with ABNT standards and there were people who did not know what that was !!!! Result: I’m teaching everyone how to format work and, my God, it’s good that I learned how to do it in CIEI! Seriously, what a huge difference you’re already making (and I’m only in my second week of class).

So, Regina, thank you SO SOSOmuch !!! You can tell the people who are doing the IB now that it makes a huge difference, I’m the biggest witness !!”

Ana Clara Ribeiro, former student

Parents’  testimonials:

“It seems like yesterday … we still remember the feelings that preceded that first week of school. Apprehension, curiosity, insecurity, hope … and look, that was almost 6 years ago. All mixed up feelings in anticipation of how our daughter would react to the new school … first-time parenting thing.

We could not have imagineda quicker and smoother adaptation! Before we realized it, shehad already been perfectly integrated. After that, we only experienced special and joyful moments for the whole family! We noticeher development on a daily basis, not only in the learning part of formal education, but as a citizen, in her concern to preserve the environment, in the continuous growth of her self-esteem and in the ability to relate and interact with other children and adults.

We chose CIEI  firstly because of the academic proposal that was presented to us when we visited the school, and then also for the professionalism and dedication that we noticedaily in each and every member of staff and especially in the satisfaction shown by our daughter.

We imagine that when she is finishing her last year at CIEI, in the midst of our great joy, we will still think … it seems like yesterday!!!”

José Hermínio B. Góes and Denise Góes, Luisa Góes’s parents, former student